API Reference


The OPNsense API calls are structured in the form:


There are two HTTP verbs used in the OPNsense API:

  • GET Retrieves data from OPNsense

  • POST Creates new data, updates existing data or executes an action

The body of the HTTP POST request and response is an ‘application/json’ object.

The $key and $secret parameters are used to pass the API credentials using curl. You need to set these parameters with your own API credentials before using them in the examples:



When using Postman to test an API call, use the ‘basic auth’ authorization type. The $key and $secret parameters go into Username/Password respectively.


Always make sure the owner of the key is authorized to access the resource in question, the “Effective Privileges” set on the user shows which resources are accessible. (Edit reveals the endpoints assigned to each resource).

ACL’s are explained in development/components/acl).

Business edition API

The business edition comes packed with some additional features which could also be used for integration purposes from third-party applications. The most relevant ones will be explained in this section.