Access / Servers / Radius

Configuring a Radius server for user authentication in services like vpn or captive portal is easy just go to System ‣ Access ‣ Servers and click on Add server in the top right corner.

Fill in the form:

Descriptive name


Enter a descriptive name



Select Radius

Hostname or IP address

Enter the IP of your Radius server

Shared Secret


Shared secret for your Radius server

Services offered


Select Authentication,for Captive portal + accounting

Authentication port value


Port number, 1812 is default; for accounting it’s 1813

Authentication Timeout


Timeout for Radius to respond on requests

Synchronize groups

Enable to Synchronize groups, requires the option above

Limit groups

Select list of groups that may be considered during sync*

Automatic user creation

When groups are automatically synchronized, this offers the ability to automatically create the user when it doesn’t exist.

Use the tester under System ‣ Access ‣ Tester to test the Radius server.

If you want to use the FreeRADIUS plugin set up the server as and don’t forget to add a Client in the FreeRADIUS configuration.