Orange France IPTV setup

Original Author: Kev Willers


This guide is for setting up Orange France IPTV and assumes you already have a working internet connection and the os-igmp-proxy plugin installed.

Getting ready

Orange uses two VLANs for TV. VLAN 838 and 840 Create and assign them as shown.


Take note of the PCP values

Assign the VLANs as shown and also assign TVLAN for use later.


igb0 is the WAN in this example. Select the interface that corresponds to WAN in your setup.

TVLAN is assigned to a free port on your router which the TVDecoder is plugged into later.

VLAN 838 setup

../../_images/tv_image03.png ../../_images/tv_image04.png


dhcp-client-identifier 1:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx, REPLACE xx with MAC Address of the Livebox (NOT the TVDecoder) the leading 1 is important

dhcp-class-identifier “sagem”,

user-class “‘FSVDSL_livebox.MLTV.softathome.Livebox3”. NOTE the leading ‘ before the string. Also although not strictky necessary Livebox3 part of the string is for LiveBox3 users if you are Livebox4 user change as required.


subnet-mask,routers, ntp-servers, www-server, classless-routes

VLAN 840 setup

../../_images/tv_image05.png ../../_images/tv_image06.png

The dummy IP address is important or IGMPproxy does not start

TVLAN setup

(not needed to make things work, but much neater config and prevents IGMPproxy warning messages on LAN)

../../_images/tv_image07.png ../../_images/tv_image08.png

Use a different subnet to current LAN

Turn on the DHCP service for TVLAN

NOTE YOU MUST specify the ORANGE DNS servers for the TV to work


Now reboot and you should have an IP address on VLAN 838 of 10.x.x.x

IGMPproxy setup

Ensure you are running OPNsense 18.7.4 or later

Then configure IGMPproxy as follows

../../_images/tv_image10.png ../../_images/tv_image11.png

NOTE: downstream interface is TVLAN



We need to allow traffic to flow on the VLANs and TVLAN and also to connect with Orange servers

../../_images/tv_image13.png ../../_images/tv_image14.png

NOTE the Source is “*”


And finally the outbound


Make sure you have clicked Save & Apply

It is advisable at this point to reboot the system.

Plug in your TVDecoder to the port defined for TVLAN, turn on the decoder and after a few minutes you should see TV.