The neighbors section (available as of 24.1) allows the definition of static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on your network.

For IPv4 entries will be saved into the ARP table, IPv6 uses NDP to register machines mac addresses to IP addresses.

These tables determine to which (physcal) machine an IP address is connected, which can be practical when arp messages are not being received or we want to force the ip/mac combination for specific clients.

When opening the page it will show a grid containing all static entries defined, these may also originate from other components (such as dhcp), in which case you cannot edit them. Entries defined here do contain the following options:

Ether Address

Hardware MAC address of the cllient (format xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

IP address

IP address to assign to the provided MAC address, which will either end up in the arp (IPv4) or ndp (IPv6) table


Description for internal use


To analyse the current contents of the ARP or NDP tables, use the interface diagnostics menu detailed in the diagnostics document.