Installing OPNsense AWS image


To apply for access to the OPNsense Amazon AWS EC2 cloud image, you need:

Step 1 - New Instance

Start a new instance and then go to “instances”, followed by “launch instance” and then “My AMIs”, don’t forget to select “Shared with me”

Step 2 - Select Type

Choose an instance type


Step 3 - Configure security group

To configure security group, make sure you allow HTTPS access from your own network.


Step 4 - Configure a disk


Step 5 - Review your settings


Step 6 - SSH keypair

Select ssh keypair or skip, the ssh key isn’t used for OPNsense, ssh is disabled by default.


Step 7 - Review status page


Step 8 - AWS instances

Go to your AWS instances


Select the image, go to “image settings” then “get system log” to obtain the initial password

Step 9 - Initial root password

Copy your initial root password (line ** set initial….)


Step 10 - Search current address


Login to OPNsense using the address provided.