Organize PF Rules by Category

OPNsense firewall rules can be organized per category. These categories can be freely chosen or selected.


This feature was added in version 16.1.1. Always keep your system up to date.

Adding a category to a rule

To add a category to a rule, open or create a new rule and scroll to Category. Then just add you category, if this is the first rule with a category no selection options will be visible.


Firewall Rules Filter by category

Only when there are rules with a defined category, the Filter by category becomes visible at the bottom of the table.

If you click it is will look like this:


If you have a large number of categories, then just start typing and in search box to make a quick selection.

Before Selection

Take a look at this simple rule set before selecting our “My IPs” category.


And after selection

Now when selecting our test category it will look like this:


That is all there is to it to organize your rules without messing anything up.

Multi Select

In a later release of OPNsense 16.1 multi selection has been added. This features makes it possible to select rules from more than one category.