Generic info

This chapter explains some of the concepts that are being used in different modules of our firewall system and therefore don’t belong to a specific section of this topic.

Address types

When choosing source and or destination addresses, the user can choose several options depending on the context. To explain what the different options mean when being presented, we will sum them up below:


Flexible type of network or address definition for easy reuse, expained in aliases

Single host or network

Standard host or network in CIDR notation


All IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses (in the world)

This Firewall

All IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses assigned to this firewall

[Interface] Network

All networks assigned to the physical interface, this will include networks of virtual addresses assigned as well ([Interface] is explained in the interfaces topic). Normally used to allow traffic from or to clients connected to a specific interface.

[Interface] Address

All addresses configured on an interface, this includes all virtual (alias) addresses as well.

Virtual IPs

Explicit selection for addresses defined in Virtual IPs