Various detailed statistics gathered from pfctl, such as packet counters per interface, memory limits, configured timeouts and detailed active rules.


pftop displays the active packetfilter states and rules, and periodically updates this information.


Detailed insight into loaded aliases and their content. When an alias has Statistics enabled, it will show these too.

It’s also possible to manually adjust the contents, using Quick add address or the delete button.


When deleting items, keep in mind that the regular update process might put the address (or network) back in, since deletion isn’t persistent.


Use “Find references” to check if an address would match any configured aliases, which is very practical for debugging purposes, since it will also check if an address fits a network (such as fits in

States Dump

Insight into the state table (pf), offers the ability to search for specific states and removal.

States Reset

Delete all active states and source tracking (cancels connections)


Handle with care, a state reset will discard all active connections, in which case clients might have to reconnect

States Summary

Show states sorted by criteria like source IP, destination IP, …