Deciso: OPNcentral

As part of the OPNsense Business Edition, Deciso offers a plugin to keep all your firewalls up to date and have an easy entry point to manage them.


After acquiring a license, you can switch to the commercial software repository containing OPNcentral. In order to install, just go to System->Firmware->Plugins and search for os-OPNcentral.

Register new hosts

Before adding a host, you need to generate an API key and secret from the machine you will grant accesss to. API keys are managed in the user manager (system_usermanager.php), go to the user manager page and select a user. Somewhere down the page you will find the API section for this user.

Click on the + sign to add a new key. When the key is created, you will receive a (single download) with the credentials in one text file (ini formatted). The contents of this file look like this:


Next go to the Hosts section of the management menu in Management->Hosts and add a new host, copy the url from the machine and the API key and secret generated above.


You can disable certificate validation if your using a self-signed certificate, although we advise to generate proper certificates for the machines.


Machine status / upgrade

All connected and enabled machines can be contacted using the Management->Status page, when visiting the page all connected machines will automatically be contacted to report their status and installed version.


When an update is available, it will be shown in the list, including if this upgrade requires a reboot. The upgrade button starts the upgrade procedure, but will only upgrade machines that will require a reboot if Enable reboot is checked.


Use the refresh button to request status again.

The upgrade wheel starts spinning when an upgrade was requested, since the upgrade itself can consume some time, you can revisit the status page later (or press refresh) to show the new status.

Connect to managed machine

Every connected node is shown with a link which opens in a new tab when clicking, in the example below that would be https://node1.opnsense.local.


When the management server is allowed to access the OPNcentral components on the connected node it will automatically login after the link is clicked with the proper credentials assigned to the api token user.

If the latests Business Edition is installed on the managed machine, but access prohibits automatic logins, you will be redirected to the login page.

When the connected machine is not using the business edition, it’s not possible to use the link, a message such as the following will be presented to the user:



Make sure your browser trusts the remote node otherwise the browser can’t access the machine and will signal an issue with the software version.