The Dashboard is the first page you will see after you log into OPNsense. Additionally, it can be accessed via Lobby ‣ Dashboard. The Dashboard provides an overview of your system status.


What is shown on the Dashboard can be configured by adding and removing widgets. Some widgets also allow further configuration.

By default, the following widgets are present:

  • System Information: Shows information about the installation OPNsense version, the hardware in the computer and resource usage.

  • Services: Shows running background services and allow starting, stopping and reloading them.

  • Gateways: Shows used gateways.

  • Interfaces: Shows configured interfaces and their status.

In the upper right corner of every widget, there are three buttons:

  • Edit (pencil icon): Click this to modify the widget settings. This button is always present, but it can be greyed out if the widget has no configuration options.

  • Minimize (minus icon): Click this to temporarily collapse this widget. It can be uncollapsed by clicking the ‘plus’ icon.

  • Remove (cross icon): Removes the widget from the Dashboard.

In the upper right corner of the page, there are two or three buttons:

  • Add widget: Opens a dialog window with a list of widgets that can be added to the Dashboard. Simply click on an entry in the list to add it to the Dashboard. Do note that its contents will only show up after you click Save Settings.

  • 1/2/3/4/6 columns: Changes the amount of columns to show widgets in. By default, this is set to 2. Do not forget to click Save Settings afterwards.

  • Save Settings: When you change the amount of columns or collapse a widget, you can make that change persistent by clicking this button. Otherwise the changes will be discarded as soon as you reload the page.