netmap (IPS, Sensei, …)

Netmap is a technology which enables fast packet processing while minimizing overhead, there are however some pittfals which may turn your network interface unreachable.

Before using this technology, always make sure you have access via another interface (or console) to your firewall in case connectivity is dropped.

In order for netmap to function properly it is imperative that all sorts of driver / hardware acceleration is disabled (Interfaces -> Settings), this include VLAN Hardware Filtering as well (which wasn’t disabled pre 20.7).

Some drivers have may have additional tunables, which enable hardware acceleration, make sure to disable them as well (.e.g intel ixl has hw.ixl.enable_head_writeback, which we disable by default)

Below you will find a list of tunables which are know to be (partial) incompatible with netmap.




Intel ixl(4) tunable for increased tx performance, OPNsense standard value is disabled.