NUT - Network UPS Tools

What is NUT

NUT is a tool that enables the use of a UPS device via either USB or Network communication. If enabled, the system will shutdown when the UPS emits a low battery warning.


NUT is available as a plugin in OPNSense via the plugin os-nut. You can install the plugin via System > Firmware > Plugins > os-nut.

How to Setup - Netclient

  1. Navigate to the NUT services page and fill in the following values, then click apply:

Enable NUT


Service Mode



<choose a name>

Listen Address

<interface ip on which the server lives>

  1. Click on the arrow down next to UPS Type and choose Netclient.

  1. Fill in these values, then click apply:



IP Address

<ip of NUT Server>


<username, if applicable>


<password, if applicable>

  1. Click on Diagnostics in the left menubar. If configured correctly this page will show, after waiting a few seconds, information about the UPS. Look for device.mfr and device.model to check if the correct UPS is detected.