MaxMind GeoIP’s Setup

With the changes MaxMind have implemented it is now a requirement that anyone using their lists must have an account and by having that account will have accepted their data protection requirements. It’s fairly simple to set-up so let’s get started.

Create An Account

Goto and create your account. Note that the email address you provide will be used to send you the link you will need to enter in OPNsense, so make sure its a real account.

Generate License Key

Once you have created an account you’ll need to create a license key. Click in the “My License Key” link and generate a key. When asked if you use “geoipupdate”, choose “no”. Save the key ID somewhere safe!!!

You do not need to download the config at this point.


In OPNsense, goto Firewall:Aliases and select the GeoIP settings tab. Enter the URL you have created into the URL box and click Apply, and that’s it.