Sensei: Overview


Sensei is a plugin for the OPNsense firewall which provides state-of-the-art next generation features. If you are running a L4 firewall (all open source firewalls fall into this category) and looking for features like Application Control, Network Analytics and TLS Inspection, Sensei is the product you’re looking for.


Sensei empowers your firewall with the following next generation features:

  1. Application Control

  2. Cloud Application Control (Web 2.0 Controls)

  3. Advanced Network Analytics

  4. All-ports full TLS Inspection (for every TCP port, not just HTTPS)

  5. Cloud Threat Intelligence

  6. Encrypted Threats Prevention

  7. Web Filtering & Security

  8. Active Directory Integration

User Manual

You can get detailed How to documents from Sensei’s Documentation Site located at

Getting Support

Support for Free Edition

If you need help with Sensei, there is an active discussion on the OPNsense forum. Feel free to click here to join the conversation.

You may also submit bug reports by visiting the Report Bug page in the Sensei web UI.

With its in-depth coverage, Sensei Documentation is always available for reference.

Premium Subscription Support

When you buy a Sensei Premium Subscription, you are entitled to Sensei Basic Support. Additional support plans are available on demand.

Support Options for Channel Partners

Sunny Valley Networks provides Tier 3 Support Options for Sensei Channel Partners. To learn more about them, please contact sensei-partnership -at- .

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