HAProxy How-Tos

Redirect Root directory

Create a condition:

name root
Condition type Path matches
Path matches /

Create a Rule:

name forward_to_dir
Test type IF
conditions root
Logical ops none
Execute function http-request redirect
HTTP Redirect parameter code 301 location http://www.example.net/directory/

Please note that 301 is for a permanent redirect. If you want to do it teporary, you will have to use another status code.

Under Public Services edit your frontend and add “forward_to_dir” to Select Rules.


Add Basic Authentication to a Service

I have a Webapplication which have to be exposed to the outside and doesn’t allow authentication. So HAProxy with basic auth would be just fine to get a mininum of security.

  • Go to “Rules & Conditions” - “Conditions” and Add a new one:
name choose a name
Condition type Custom
option pass-through http_auth(admins)
  • Add a rule:
name a name for your rule
Test type UNLESS
condition select the previously created one
Logical operator none
Execute function http-request auth”
  • Go to your frontend and add the ACL to it.
  • Go to Settings ‣ Global Parameters, enable the advanced mode (top left), and add your users to configuration via the “Custom options”
userlist admins
user test1 insecure-password pw1
user test2 insecure-password pw2