Dynamic Routing: Configuration: Zebra

Zebra is the core of quagga and needs to be enabled in any case. It can be enabled in the general view:


If this service is disabled, all other routing protocols are disabled too.


Saving the settings will apply them and reload the daemon. This means you may lose the connection to your firewall for some seconds.



Checking „Enable“ means that zebra and all other enabled routing daemons will be started. If you disable this checkbox, Quagga will be completely disabled.

Create a logfile and Logfile level

If you check this checkbox, messages with a higher or equal severity will be written to a log file on this device. You can view this log file under diagnostics if you want to debug errors in your network.

Send log messages to syslog and Syslog level

Settings are the same as for the log file but for syslog. This is useful if you use an external logging server.